Picking Your Tattoo Artist

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Make sure your artist has the experience, training, artistic talent, and attitude that sits well with you. Don't just rush into the nearest artist and get started. You might end up working with someone who doesn't understand you and what you want

If I am not comfortable with tattooing the subject matter, I will refer you to another talented artist in the local area that I am acquaintances with or have worked with myself!

The less experience you have with getting tattoos, the more you'll want to rely on your artist's experience with them, which is another reason it's so important to choose an artist you trust. If this is your first tattoo, ask around about the places that your tattooed friends and family have had a harder time or easier time with. Ask where it hurts most and least, and where it might tickle a little bit (yes, sometimes tattooing tickles!).

Alternatively, if you've already had plenty of work done on your skin canvas, you probably already know what it feels like, and can gauge what your new tatt will feel like wherever you decide to get it.

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