Scheduling An Appointment

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Sometimes thinking of a Tattoo is easy or difficult! Here are some tips.

Things To Consider Before Scheduling:

-Size of Tattoo

-Placement of Tattoo (is it a very painful spot? If so, do you and myself think you can handle it? Don’t jump ahead of yourself, start small)

-Composition of Tattoo

What is the design? Is there shading? Any inspiration images you like?

*I am totally okay using references online but I will not copy a design exactly unless it’s a symbol or something.

The more fat and muscle in the area where you're getting tattooed, the less pain you'll feel during the process.

  • Any areas over bone will hurt the most.

  • Hidden tattoos will hurt more later, as you heal, because they have to be covered up.

  • The smaller the tattoo, the less the pain you'll experience.

Photo: Sternum Area. Tattooed by Ava.

And here are some things NOT to do to deal with the pain:

  • Do not take any aspirin or pain killers before getting a tattoo. They will make you bleed more, and potentially ruin your tattoo, along with your artist's attitude.

  • Do not drink alcohol before getting a tattoo. It makes your blood thinner, and furthermore, no artist wants to tattoo some drunk fool who is likely to mess up the tattoo.

  • Do not take any other mind- or body- altering substances before getting tattooed. It’s good to be in a good state of mind while getting tattooed! Please also eat well and rest well, super important.

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